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  • Skye Burgess

Enneagram Eight - The Challenger

- Skye Burgess

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a fascinating and insightful tool for personal development and self-discovery.

It's a system of nine different personality types, each with its own unique set of characteristics, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.

The Enneagram is a map of the human psyche, with each of the nine types representing a different path to understanding ourselves and our place in the world.

The Enneagram not only helps us to identify our own personality type, but also provides us with a deeper understanding of how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours are interconnected.

By exploring the Enneagram, we can gain a new perspective on our own personality and the personalities of those around us.

Enneagram 8

A confident and assertive personality type known for their strength, determination, and leadership skills. People with an Eight Enneagram type are natural born leaders who are driven by a desire to control their environment and protect their loved ones. They are confident and assertive, and often possess a strong sense of justice and fairness.

They are Magnanimous Protectors who defend the vulnerable and those they love. They have is the ability to stand up for what they believe in and fight for what is right. They are not afraid of confrontation and are not easily intimidated, making them excellent leaders and problem solvers in high-pressure situations.

However, this drive for control and power can sometimes lead them to become overly aggressive and confrontational, causing conflict with those around them.

They are known for their bold, confident and assertive nature. They exude a strong presence that inspires and motivates those around them.

Despite their tough exterior, they have a big heart and are fiercely loyal to their loved ones. They approach life with a "can-do" attitude and possess a contagious energy that motivates others to be their best selves. Overall, enneagram eights are beautiful examples of strength, determination and compassion.

Eights are cornerstones of the Enneagram community, embodying a sense of confidence, determination, and leadership. With their sharp minds and decisive actions, they are natural protectors and excel in times of crisis. Their commitment to justice and fairness is truly admirable, making them an invaluable asset to any community or organisation. Eights bring strength, stability, and a desire to create positive change to the world around them.

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