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  • Skye Burgess

Poems for each Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a wondrous thing

It brings us strength and helps us sing

It's a tool to guide us through life's strife

It helps us understand our inner life

The Enneagram, oh so wise

A tool to see beyond the guise

It shows us our true essence

And where we tend to victimise

The nine points of the Enneagram

Each one a different path to take

Each one a window to our soul we make

Each one a way to reach our goal

Each one a way to make us whole

The Enneagram is a symbol of our fate

It helps us look within and see our state

It helps us analyse the choices we make

And use the wisdom to make us great

The Enneagram is a map of our soul

It helps us better understand our role

It helps us on our journey of life

And take us where we make things bright

The Enneagram is a tool for us all

To use as a way to stand tall

It helps us find our true selves

And helps us reach our inner wealth

Enneagram One

Enneagram One, the perfectionist soul,

Whose heart beats with a lofty goal.

With an unwavering sense of right and wrong,

they move forward, their purpose strong.

Their striving for excellence, a noble quest,

With dedication, they never rest.

Attention to detail, their second nature,

Their high standards, their greatest treasure.

With a keen eye for what can be improved,

They see the world, their passion unscrewed.

Order and structure, they bring to the fray,

To make things better, come what may.

But in their heart, a deep well of emotion,

And a fear of failure, a nagging notion.

A compassionate soul, with a heart of gold,

A love for others, that will never grow old.

Enneagram One, a soul with a vision,

Of a better world, their greatest mission.

May their quest for perfection never tire,

And their love for humanity, always flower.

Enneagram Two

Enneagram Two, the heart of gold,

Whose warmth and love, forever unfold.

A heart so giving, a soul so bright,

With kindness, they light up the darkest night.

With an innate sense of empathy and care,

They comfort the world, with a love so rare.

Their generous heart, an endless well,

With compassion and care, they forever dwell.

Enneagram Two, a friend so true,

A champion for all, a helper through.

They lend their ear, and listen so well,

A shoulder to cry on, they never sell.

But deep inside, a fear so real,

Of being rejected, a heart to steal.

A need for love, and to be needed too,

A heart that's pure, and forever true.

Enneagram Two, a soul so bright,

A beacon of love, a shining light.

May their kindness and compassion, never cease,

And their generous heart, forever find peace.

Enneagram Three

Enneagram Three, a soul of drive,

With an ambition, that will never subside.

A vision of success, they hold so dear,

And with hard work, they make it appear.

With a focus so sharp, they climb the top,

And with every step, they never stop.

Their pursuit of excellence, a noble quest,

And with every achievement, they feel so blessed.

Enneagram Three, a leader they are,

With charisma and charm, they shine like a star.

A team player, and with an eye for detail,

They make things happen, without fail.

But in their heart, a fear so real,

Of failure, a nagging ordeal.

A need for validation, that runs so deep,

And a sense of self, they forever keep.

Enneagram Three, a soul of success,

With a heart that's pure, and a drive that's endless.

May their pursuit of excellence never cease,

And their generous heart, forever find peace.

Enneagram Four

Enneagram Four, a soul so deep,

Whose emotions and thoughts, forever seep.

A heart so complex, a mind so vast,

With a love for beauty, that forever lasts.

With a unique sense of self, they live,

And with every step, their passion they give.

Their creativity, a never-ending well,

A life of meaning, their greatest spell.

Enneagram Four, an artist so true,

With a vision so pure, a passion to pursue.

A love for life, so rich and rare,

And with every emotion, they forever share.

But deep inside, a fear so real,

Of being ordinary, a heart to steal.

A sense of not belonging, that they feel,

A need for acceptance, so true and real.

Enneagram Four, a soul so rare,

With a love for life, beyond compare.

May their pursuit of beauty never cease,

And their heart forever find inner peace.

Enneagram Five

The Enneagram Five, a soul of depth and thought,

With mind so sharp and keen, they see what's sought.

Curious and quiet, they delve deep within,

To know the world without and all within.

With thirst for knowledge, they explore the new,

And seek the truth in all that they pursue.

Their creativity flows from their heart,

Expressing thoughts and feelings as an art.

Despite their solitude, they care for all,

Their empathy runs deep, with love in thrall.

Their desire to make a change is strong,

As they use their skills to right the wrong.

Oh Enneagram Five, a beautiful soul, With wisdom and insight that makes you whole.

May your pursuit of truth and love endure,

And all that you create forever pure.

Enneagram Six

Enneagram Six, the Loyalist true,

With a heart so big and a soul so true,

Guided by fear and driven by doubt,

But with courage and faith, they break out.

Their loyalty is unmatched, their devotion unflinching,

For loved ones and causes, they'll do the impossible without blinking,

They'll stand by your side through thick and thin,

And protect you with all they have within.

In times of trouble, they'll be the ones to seek,

A steadfast presence, a listening ear to speak,

Their intuition sharp, their instincts keen,

A compass to guide through the unseen.

With a mind that questions and a heart that cares,

They see the world with an open, honest glare,

They'll seek the truth with all their might,

And uphold justice with all their sight.

Though fear may shake them, and doubt may cloud their way,

They'll rise above, and find the strength to stay,

For Enneagram Six, the Loyalist true,

Is a warrior of light, a hero through and through.

So let us honor their virtues, their loyalty and care,

And celebrate their courage, their strength and their flare,

For Enneagram Six, the Loyalist true,

Is a blessing to cherish, a gift to renew.

Enneagram Seven

Oh, Enneagram Seven, a free-spirited soul,

Embracing life, always in control,

Your joy and optimism, a beacon of light,

A constant reminder to live life right.

Your curiosity and thirst for adventure,

Lead you to explore, with endless pleasure,

The world is your playground, a place to roam,

And discover new things, that make you feel at home.

With your infectious energy and boundless enthusiasm,

You bring colour and life, to every rhythm and anthem,

Your contagious laughter, a source of delight,

Bringing happiness and merriment, into the darkest of nights.

Your ability to see the bright side of things,

Makes you resilient, in the face of life's stings,

You bounce back, like a spring, with renewed vigor,

And inspire others, to be more daring and bigger.

Your openness to experience, and love for novelty,

Expand your mind, and help you see,

The beauty and wonder, in all that surrounds you,

And appreciate life, in all its different hues.

Oh, Enneagram Seven, your virtues are many,

And your spirit is bright, like a radiant penny,

May you continue to inspire, and spread your light,

Guiding us all, to live life, with all our might.

Enneagram Eight

Enneagram Eight, a soul so strong,

With a heart of courage, that forever longs.

With a sense of power, they lead the way,

And with every challenge, they seize the day.

With a will so mighty, they conquer all,

And with every battle, they stand tall.

Their sense of justice, a never-ending fight,

A love for truth, their greatest light.

Enneagram Eight, a protector they are,

With a heart so pure, and a spirit so far.

A warrior of justice, beyond compare,

They fight for the truth, with a heart so rare.

Enneagram Eight, a leader so true,

With a heart of gold, tender and true.

With a sense of loyalty, beyond compare,

They protect the ones they love, with a heart so rare.

But deep inside, a fear so real,

Of being vulnerable, a heart to steal.

A need for control, they feel,

And with every step, they make it real.

Enneagram Eight, a soul of might,

With a heart so pure, and a will so bright.

May their strength and courage, never cease,

And their heart forever find inner peace.

Enneagram Nine

Enneagram Nine, ever so wise

Your ways keep us grounded and satisfied

The peace you bring is so divine

Your calming energy is what makes us shine

Your patience is like a kind embrace

Your support helps us find our place

Your loyalty and understanding can't be denied

Your kindness and empathy run deep and wide

Enneagram Nine, you're the best of us all

Your gentle spirit brings us peace when we fall

You help us take a step back and see

That living in harmony is our destiny

Enneagram Nine, you show us how

To be in the moment and let go of doubt

Your presence is like a warm embrace

Your wisdom helps us all find our place.

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