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  • Colin Adam

The Enneagram Guide to your Ideal Canine Friend!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I was sitting by an evening campfire with some friends recently and the conversation drifted towards the Enneagram – can’t imagine why! In any case, after a couple of glasses of wine someone asked whether animals had identifiable Enneagram styles, and what about breeds of dog? This led to a fun conversation as we began linking dog breeds to the Enneagram styles.

So I thought I’d share some of this late-night banter with you. Let me know what you think.

Enneagram 1 - The German Shepard

"Sit up straight now......!"

German Shepherds quickly learn what is expected and are often used to enforce the law in the police force and military. They can be strong disciplinarians and confront others if they do the wrong thing or dare to overstep the mark in some way! Enneagram style 1 perhaps?

Enneagram 2 - The Golden Retriever

"Give me some lovin'......!"

With a warm, friendly, active, and outgoing temperament the Golden Retriever is eager to please – just like their human Enneagram 2 counterparts! They just want to be loved!

Enneagram 3 - The Grey Hound

"No time to waste – gotta catch that darned rabbit……!”

Fast-paced, sleek, energetic, and competitive the Greyhound just wants to win that race and get the prize! Doesn’t this sound like those Enneagram style 3’s that you know?

Enneagram 4 - The Afghan Hound

“I’m just so beautiful I could die….!”

A contrast of opposites just to keep others on their toes – the Afghan hound has been described as “Fiercely brave but possibly timid; flighty but sometimes quiet; can be loving but sometimes stand-offish.”They can also be dignified, independent, and strong-willed. Does any of this sound like anyone you know? Enneagram style 4 perhaps!

Enneagram 5 - The Mastiff

“I’m just chilling……and watching!”

Mastiffs can be aloof at times and wary of strangers that venture into their space. They often have a quiet calming energy about them. They love ‘chilling’ and observing their human family. Just about the perfect Enneagram style 5 dog! I love the intense stare, furrowed brow, and slightly worried look on this image!

Enneagram 6 - The Border Collie

“You won’t catch me by surprise … ....I’m watching you….very carefully!”

This highly alert, vigilant, friendly, and devoted dog has to be the canine version of Enneagram style 6! They are also intelligent, highly trainable, and loyal to a fault. I definitely see similarities to some people I know – family members included!

Enneagram 7 - The Boxer

“Where’s the party……?”

Fun, friendly, playful, always cheerful and full of boundless energy. That pretty much describes the Boxer breed and Enneagram style 7. Both spread joy and laughter wherever they are. What wonderful gifts!

Enneagram 8 - The Doberman Pinscher

“I’m on guard…!”

Doberman Pinschers are generally strong and confident. They can appear fearless and even intimidating at times. But they also have a softer side to their nature which shows up when they get comfortable with people. Sounds a bit like the Enneagram style 8?

Enneagram 9 - The Bulldog

“Things are really stressful ..but….oh well……time for a nap….!”

The easy-going, placid, friendly and sometimes stubborn nature of the Bulldog is so reminiscent of Enneagram style 9. They are sweet, gentle, dependable, people-oriented, and have no problem sleeping!

Hope you enjoyed this comparison, I know I enjoyed writing it!

By Colin Adam

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