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  • Skye Burgess

How to relax according to your Enneagram Type

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Life is a journey filled with beautiful moments and troubling times.

We can often feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and indecision. Often, we work ourselves to a point where we become burnt out and thus add to the problem that we are trying to solve. Sometimes taking one step back allows us to leap five steps forward. The article below provides a list of methods of how we can take a step back and relax into personalised therapeutic self-care strategies according to our Enneagram style.

Type 1's

Can overwhelm themselves in a constant striving for perfection. Everything has to be done the right way and often in their minds, they are the only ones who can accomplish this. This can be quite stressful when things don't work out the way they are supposed to and this can lead to overworking and panic. The relaxation techniques below are designed to help the Enneagram One take a breather and relax into the present moment.

  • Practicing mindfulness and yoga

  • Organising your space

  • Taking a bath with scented candles

  • Reading an engaging book

  • Colour coding

  • Walking through a forest

Type 2's

Are the natural hosts. They are always looking to satisfy others’ needs while often neglect their own. They love to be sociable and help those around them, constantly giving to others and supporting them. Unfortunately, no-one can fill from an empty cup. If we continually neglect our own needs for the sake of others, we find ourselves depleted and drained. It is vital for Type 2’s to be aware of this and consciously take time to ‘refill their own cup’.

  • Find time to focus on your own needs

  • Light scented candles

  • Spend time with loved ones

  • Journal your feelings and thoughts

  • Bake some sweet treats

  • Have a breakfast date with a friend

Type 3's

Are natural performers. They can be the centre of attention and strike a conversation with anyone. Being extremely hard workers and greatly determined to accomplish their goals, Type 3’s will stop at nothing to climb the ladder and reach the top. In this inspiring endeavour, they may deplete their energy and leave no time for rest and recuperation. Burnout can eventually occur as they crash into the dreaded wall of total exhaustion. In order to prevent this, it is important to take care of oneself and realise that ‘nothing is something worth doing’. It is important to enjoy the slowness that life has to offer – at least for a while.

  • Complete some puzzles

  • Meditate / Practice yoga

  • Write-down your goals

  • Listen to podcasts

  • Go jogging

  • Create a gratitude list

Type 4's

Are unique individuals who spread their creativity through their interests, hobbies, and appearance. They can be somewhat eccentric and fun individuals who are also deeply compassionate and understanding. Ironically, they often feel misunderstood by others. Since they experience emotions so deeply, they can easily become emotionally exhausted and require space to take a step back. They often need space to work through and make sense of their emotions and they often do this through artistic expression.

  • Spend time alone

  • Splurge at a thrift shop

  • Allow your creative juices flow in creating art/music

  • Spend time in nature

  • Listen to favourite music

  • Have a good cry

Type 5's

Are inquisitive and methodical individuals. They love to understand the world and how it works. They often find themselves entrenched in research and delving deeply into the complexities that life has to offer. Type 5’s seek to understand and can become troubled when they don't. It is vital to acknowledge that there will always be unfathomable mysteries, and that that is okay. Sometimes we need to take a step back and allow the world to move without thorough inspection.

  • Dive into an insightful book

  • Learn something new

  • Spend time alone

  • Meditate in silence

  • Watch a documentary

  • Journal your thoughts

Type 6's

Are loyal, funny and trustworthy friends with an ability to add value to every interaction. They are forward thinkers who notice risk and always have a plan to deal with it. Type 6’s may feel afraid of being caught off guard but combat this with meticulous planning and organisation. They feel the world around them, and their hearts are like a harmonious drum beating with the feelings around them. Since the Type 6 often fears danger and loss, they require reassurance and a break from their own thoughts.

  • Spend time with close friends and loved ones

  • Prepare for the week ahead

  • Watch a familiar TV show

  • Read in the garden

  • Journal your feelings

  • Complete breathing exercises

Type 7's

Are the enthusiastic, fun loving, and fast moving individuals who are usually the life of the party. These chatty, distracted types love change and the freedom to make moves. They are usually seen as happy people who are optimistic about life. However, a fast pace can make anyone Fred eventually. It is important to be aware that not everything has to be done at a running pace and that at times, doing nothing maHers. So take a step back and chill.

  • Play some games

  • Go out on a fun adventure

  • Socialise at a party

  • Find new experiences

  • Watch a comedy movie

  • Sunbathe at the beach

Type 8's

Are natural leaders. They command respect and are powerful in nature. These types are not to be messed with, can easily enter into conflict, and usually dislike injustice. They take a stand to do what they feel is right and are usually a pillar of support for those close to them. They shy away from vulnerability and maintain a hard shell. This, however, can be a lonely affair and learning to open up to those closest to them can be a deeply enriching and calming experience.

  • Have a healthy debate

  • Work out at the gym

  • Get into a favourite hobby

  • Think of new ideas

  • Open up to a close confidant

  • Spend time with animals

Type 9's

Are calm and harmonious individuals. Their peaceful nature makes all those around them feel comfortable and content. They are easy to get along with and often avoid conflict at all costs. Spending time in a stressful or tense environment can be very taxing on this Enneagram type and they need to prioritise maintaining their peace by stepping away. Type 9’s find comfort in familiarity. They love nature and rest and should make sure to always incorporate b

oth into their general lifestyle.

  • Spend time being quiet and doing nothing

  • Go out into nature

  • Watch a familiar film

  • Meditate

  • Cuddle up into bed and sleep

  • Listen to low-fi peaceful music or any music with so: live instruments

By Skye Burgess

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